Adventurous Pyramids Silicone Ice Tray

Adventurous Pyramids Silicone Ice Tray

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Adventurours Pyramids Silicone Ice Tray

Pyramids are adventurous DrinksPlinks for your favourite on-the-rocks drinkers, big jugs of cocktails drinkers and anyone who wants to add a unique dimension to their drinks.
Each slow melting Pyramid is sized to have attitude.
When you pop them out of the tray, they are 47mm (w) x 47mm (h) and 50mm (d).
9 x Pyramids per tray 
Size of tray: 160mm (w) x 160mm (h) x 52mm (d)

Bake up to 220°
Create chocolates, candles, bath bombs, crayons and more...
Food grade silicone, free of BPA, BPS, phthalates
Dishwasher safe

🇦🇺 Australian owned & designed